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How I planned my path to graduation

Whenever I tell people what I’m studying their reaction is amusing. Both of my majors have long-winded names and they aren’t directly related. I study Peace, Conflict and Justice (PCJ) at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Literature and Critical Theory at Victoria College. See what I mean.

Planning which courses to take was overwhelming at first because I had so many prerequisites to track and mandatory courses to enroll in. For years, I was making horribly unorganized notes on my phone about which classes to take. And then a friend of mine showed me Degree Explorer. My favourite tool is the Planner, a calendar that allows you to test which courses can help you fulfill your degree requirements — and it even updates your progress bar to show you what is, in theory, complete.


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Using Degree Explorer helped me figure out which classes fulfilled requirements in both my fields of studies. I was able to learn that there were many sociology classes that satisfied both of my majors, so back in spring, I had created a whole plan on which classes to take in the summer, fall and winter; a whole path to graduation was saved in my Planner.

It was also a great way to figure out how to finish U of T’s breadth requirements. There are a few ways to complete it and there’s a whole basket of classes students can take, but some were more useful to my studies than others. For example, I took a breadth 5 class on Controversies in Earth Science which taught me how to make geological maps. One year later when I was in my Environmental Justice course for my PCJ program, I was able to make a map (that was very well-received) for my final project.

Planning the path to graduation can be stressful and confusing. The Degree Explorer tool was a great way to get ahead independently and on my own timeline.

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