Mentally preparing for graduation

Oh U of T, what a marvellous (and challenging) last four years - I am going to miss you.

As I've mentioned before, this is my final semester as an undergraduate here at the University of Toronto. However, it really didn't hit me until last Friday when I was on my commute into the city. You don't really think about what you're going to miss until it's just about coming to the end huh?

Focused view on someone's legs on the train with caption: this train was made for's an express train
On my first commute into the city

Even though I will be working in the city over the summer, there is something about my commutes to school I am going to miss - maybe its the fact I'm not longer going to be able to commute in sweatpants and rest my legs on my saxophone case.

I will definitely miss the Peace Garden at Victoria College and having my morning tea on the bench overlooking the Waterfall. What I will NOT miss is 14 hour study sessions and library hopping.

Person having coffee sitting next to a table
Having Coffee at Hopper Coffee (now closed)

I will also miss the adventures, finding new and interesting places for coffee and lunch - above is a photo of me having coffee at Hopper Coffee on College St. (now closed).

Graduation means saying goodbye to these experiences.

Though this may be a chapter closing and there so many things I am going to miss, I most definitely first need to ensure I CAN graduate by checking U of T Degree Explorer and absolutely crushing my finals this week.

Graduating is bittersweet, there are memories made that I will cherish forever and moments I cannot wait to put behind me -- like that time I failed a course . Of course, there is always the question of what comes next?

While I say goodbye to undergrad on June 15th, I say hello to my next start in September, when I start my MA in Politics at Queen's University Belfast! A new journey I cannot wait to begin.

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