AURA At The Basilica

Like everyone else, I love reading week. I look forward to that break in the middle of the semester that means we’ve made it halfway through and that allows me to catch up on some sleep! Reading week is also a great opportunity to do some exploring. Toronto is a vibrant city with so many things to do, see and so many great foods to eat. This year, I had the opportunity to travel out of Toronto and spend a couple days in Montreal. While there, by chance, we stumbled across an event that occurs at the Notre Dame Basilica – AURA.

AURA is a multi-dimensional experience that combines lights, orchestral music and the stunning architecture of the Basilica to transport you on a journey of discovery and reflection. I love lights and so I was immediately intrigued and captivated by the idea that something like this might exist. The experience itself was breathtaking, the sounds and the lights truly immerse you in the moment and the experience – I found myself with chills sometimes. What really struck me, however, was the crowd.

The altar of Notre Dame Basilica lit up

Not only was it a sold-out show but it was such a diverse community of people of all ages and backgrounds who gathered together to experience AURA. For me, it felt as though I was living and witnessing the mission statement of the Multi Faith Center – the idea of learning, sharing and connecting through art and dialogue. It really emphasizes that spirituality does not have to mean religion and that a person of any faith can walk into a traditionally Christian space, a cathedral, and have a transformative and spiritual experience while viewing the lights.

I hope that you all had an enjoyable and restful reading week and I'm sending everyone positive vibes and well wishes as we head into the second half of the semester.

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