The Best Lessons and Experiences I’ve had at UofT

A few days ago, as I started to scramble my study notes for midterms together, I realized this was going to be my final midterm season here at U of T. That means in six weeks I am going to be finished my undergraduate degree…I cannot fathom how fast this went by. 

So, here are a few things I consider the best lessons and experiences while attending the University of Toronto.

The Best Experiences


I started in September 2018, so luckily for us that meant no pandemic. My highlight of orientation was getting to meet a whole new group of people, and of course, getting to have a couple of practice runs at commuting 2 hours a day.

Photo of the traditional ceremonies at Victoria College as part of the Orientation program
Photo from the Victoria College Traditional Ceremonies, September 2018

Being in Toronto for the Holidays

One of the greatest things about going to school downtown is the access to all of the holiday attractions as they open! It’s so easy to head to the Distillery District’s Winter Village after classes on a Friday or go skating with friends at Nathan Phillips Square.

Walkway through the Distillery District's Winter Village
Photo Taken at the Distillery District's Winter Village, December 2021

Exploring the City

One of my favourite things I got to do in the city was simply explore! After exams I would find a new coffee place or take trips on the subway to get myself comfortable. You never know what cool places you'll find!

Latte sitting on top of table shaped like a Campbell's Soup can. Caption on photo reads "We go to coffee shops with soup cans for tables #mondayfoodadventures"
Photo taken at Hopper Coffee on Spadina Ave, Toronto

Best Lessons

Putting my Mental Health first

Over these last four years I have learned something important - my body cannot handle stress very well. I have learned how to balance self care, and sleep while working as hard as I can to achieve the best grades I can.

Photo of my personal nightly self-care set up; lavender candle, skincare and diffuser with essential oils
My nightly self-care set up; lavender candle, skincare and diffuser with essential oils

Sometimes you fail, and that’s okay

Arguably the most important lesson, during second year I failed my first course ever —- statistics. At the time, it felt like the end of the world but now, I am all the more resilient!

Webcomic of a dog sitting at a table  in a house with flames around them. The second panel reads "This is Fine"

Your pathway to a career is NOT linear

14-year-old me would be on the floor if I told her I am abandoning medicine for political science. It’s fine, she’d get over it. Shortly after beginning POL101, I knew medicine and clinical research was not going to be it for me! I had to take some steps back and re-evaluate my plans, during third year I decided I wanted to continue in academia and become a professor! Now I get to continue this path I've set out and see it where it takes me next! 

Professor standing in front of students lecturing
Professor lecturing to class

In just SIX WEEKS, I am going to be finished my undergraduate course work... If that isn’t motivation to get up at 4am to finish this paper, then I don’t know what is.

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