Places I Enjoy Taking Virtual Classes From πŸ’»

Given the portability of my laptop, it feels like the possibilities (for where to take online classes) are endless! I have done plenty of experimenting in the past two years, and here are a few of my top picks for places to listen into lectures, participate in tutorials, and get readings done.

The library is a crowd favorite, and Robarts had added an area on the main floor by the St. George street entrance for people to take courses from. The specifically designated cubicles/computer stations allow for you to speak freely without fear of disturbing the peace and quiet of the study spaces upstairs. Though this is a great spot, it is often occupied, so I seldom visit Robarts to take courses.

My favorite place to listen into lectures and to participate in tutorials from has got to be the kitchen! Whether it is the sunfilled kitchen at home, or the kitchen of a friend's flatβ€”I really, really love taking classes from the kitchen. There, I can watch a boiling pot of soup while listening to a professor speak about the political threats of automation, and snacks are always only steps away. As well, I enjoy the cleanliness of kitchen spaces. When I work in the kitchen, I feel an obligation to tidy up all my supplies afterward with the understanding that the room is needed for meals later. This is a good way to stay organized in the home.

kitchen counter lined with grey high stools

Another great spot for studying, such as completing assigned readings or brainstorming ideas for an upcoming project, is the Toronto Public Transit system's busses, subways, or streetcars. Due to the bumpiness of some bus rides, I find I am most efficient and attentive on the subway and on the streetcar. Both of these spaces also lack a wifi connection, which keeps me from getting distracted. However, I know that if I need a connection to send off an email or to contact a group mate, there is free wifi access at each subway station and there are often benches to take quick breaks on. Also, there are some TTC busses that offer wifi connection on board.

Lastly, there is the good ol' couch! This is a personal favorite of mine for comfort, but it gets 0 points for good posture. I love hanging out on the couch with my laptop. This is a cozy way to re-watch old lectures, or to wind down the day. The communal nature of the couch also enables me to play with my dog, Haidyn, while sitting there, and to have my mum come by for a chat. I think the couch gets a bad rap in this era of effective studying strategies. But when the aspiration for efficiency is key, the goodness of comfort and fun can be lost.

a crumpled blanket on a couch with a laptop on a cardboard box as a side table

Where do you prefer to take your online courses? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below. πŸ“

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