7 tips for dealing with lots of change:

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As the semester starts heating up and we get new information every single day about the different modes of teaching, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us students to deal with this changing routine. From online to in-person to online again and now in the latest news - hybrid and finally in person again after reading week- the modes of teaching keep changing and it is us-the students that are having to face the brunt of it all. With so many midterms being rescheduled so that they can be held in person- completely changing calendars for most of us and disrupting study plans- it can become extremely frustrating and overwhelming to deal with this constant change.

Here are my top suggestions for dealing with these trying times:-

  1. Plan everything out on your calendar and as soon as you get any updates regarding a change in schedule- UPDATE your calendar.
  2. If you have exam conflicts or three or more exams in a 24-hour window, write to your course coordinators as well as your college registrar to ask for accommodations
  3. Take small breaks and remember to go out and get some sun. A lack of vitamin D can be very unhealthy.
  4. Get some physical exercise
  5. Meet your friends, stay in touch with your family and keep checking in with those around you. Isolation can be hard and not having any in-person classes/ activities can be detrimental to your mental health
  6. Eat good food and get a good number of hours of sleep
  7. Most importantly, TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH!

Covid has affected our lives for three years now and it is our sincerest hope that we can put it behind us for good and move onto a world without masks and social distancing. Let's hope that 2022 is the year that can finally rid the virus. And I'm aware that this is three weeks late but here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

As always, there are several mental health resources available to students at UofT and should you ever feel the need to access these resources you can find the links below:

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