My visit to the Blue Mountains

Over the winter break, I visited Blue Mountain on a Friday morning. There was a snowstorm the night before which allowed all the white snow to settle in the morning. The sun was shining over the snow everywhere and it was a beautiful view. On the drive to the Blue Mountain, there was a lot of fog. It seemed as if the land and the sky were one because they both were the exact same shade of white. The closer we got to the mountains, the colder it got outside.

When we arrived, there were so many ice-skaters on the mountain. We couldn’t see the top of the mountain since it was foggy. My family and I layered up since we knew it was going to get really cold there. Although the temperature on the weather app was 1 degree, it felt like -10 degrees. There were many fire pits around the Blue Mountain village which had a couple chairs around them. A lot of people were sitting around the fire and talking to each other. 

There were many things to do at Blue Mountain. There was ice-skating, ice-skiing, a roller coaster and sitting on a gondola. There was white snow everywhere and the Christmas lights made it even more scenic. There were a lot of cute cafes around the village. I had stopped by The Royal Majesty Espresso Bar for a cup of Red Velvet Hot Chocolate. It was the most delicious hot chocolate I ever had! I also tried poutine for the very first time at Mile High Poutine and it was an amazing experience. The hot fries gave me so much comfort in that -10 degree weather.

I decided to first sit on the roller coaster and then go ice skating. The roller coaster started by taking us all the way to the top of the mountain. We then used the lever to accelerate down the mountain. It was a very pretty view throughout the ride! The ice-skating was located at the top of the mountain. The drive up there was very beautiful and very foggy as well. When we arrived, we saw that the ice “rink” was actually a trail in between the forest. It was very pretty. We also noticed that the gondola stopped at the top of the mountain from where everyone could start ice-skiing down the mountain. It was a very pretty trip and on the way back I had to drive at night when it was really foggy! It was a thrilling experience altogether and a must-visit!

The Mile High Poutine taken on Friday at 1:50 PM
The Mile High Poutine
The red velvet hot chocolate!
The red velvet hot chocolate!
The roads at the top of the mountain covered in fog.
The roads at the top of the mountain
Car driving towards the Blue Mountain ski hills.
The view of the mountains while driving

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