cheryl at a rock climbing gym, posing between two indoor rock climbing walls

My Experience With Indoor Rock Climbing (Close to Campus)! 🧗

I started this week's entry with a more formal idea that I didn't entirely feel connected to. Blogging is in many ways like my athletic career. I have explored many paths and find it difficult to settle on just one. Though I no longer participate in any competitive sports, I am thankful to keep up my recreational rock climbing. This is owing to both my interest in the sport, and the proximity of indoor rock climbing gyms to the St. George campus, where I attend class.

Instead of writing about it, I am opting to explain the basics and how I got started (as a commuter student) in a short video. I hope this will give you more insight as to how you may get started. Given how the gyms have opened with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, now is a good time to get started if you're itching to try a new sport or hobby.

As per usual, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any suggestions or comments for me. I'll check back with you next week! 👋

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