Dealing with a bad day- how I bounce back

This past week has been particularly rough for me and I suddenly found myself feeling overwhelmed by the future and everything going on around me, so this week, I wanted to share how I bounce back from my bad days.

I realized that it's okay to stop what I’m doing and just take deep breaths. I found that meditation is a great way to calm myself when I’m feeling frustrated or stressed. After meditating, I always feel more relaxed and ready to take on my day. If I don’t have time for yoga, I usually opt for a quick session of deep breathing which I find works just as well 🙂

A great breathing app on my watch for meditation!

Writing or journaling is a great way to express your thoughts without having to talk to someone if you’re not comfortable doing so. This weekend, I wrote down all my thoughts in my journal. On the left, I wrote down everything that went well and that I was happy about. On the right, I wrote down all my struggles. This technique helps me understand exactly what’s bothering me which provides a foundation for me to solve my problems. Another great alternative is to just brainstorm all my thoughts on paper—it doesn’t have to be structured!

I admit that I spend too much time dreading my problems than understanding how my problems came to be in the first place. It’s important to reflect on my life so that I avoid getting myself in the same situation again. Did I take on more than I can handle? How could I have handled that situation better? I find that taking a walk outside is a great way to self-reflect. After doing so, I find that I have a new perspective on things and I'm more open-minded.

Taking a nice walk helps sooth my mind!

As the semester begins, I hope this blog can help you find ways to overcome whatever struggles you may be facing. Virtual hugs for everyone!

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