I tried a virtual study hub

This week I’ve been falling behind on work (as usual) so I decided to try a Virtual Study Hub. A Virtual Study Hub is basically a Zoom meeting where people hold each other accountable for getting work done for a couple hours.  I registered for the session on the CLNX website, which is also where you can find the schedule for other meetings. All you need to do is click register and they send you the Zoom link.  CLNX website. The Study Hub that I signed up for ran from 1:00-3:00pm, with a halfway checkup at 2:00pm. There were about eight people who joined the Zoom call, and I was surprised to find that they were from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from undergrads, graduate students, to even a professor.  There is also a mediator who runs the entire meeting. At the beginning we were prompted to share what we planned on working on, and then everyone quickly started to get down to business. At this point, everyone muted themselves, but some kept their cameras on while others turned them off. (I turned my camera off because people tell me I frown at my computer when I’m working.) Study area. Alongside the Zoom link, I was also sent a worksheet to fill out, of which there is a picture below. In short, the worksheet asked me to consider three things:
  1. What would I be working on? (I had a few tasks I needed to accomplish that day: my art history quiz, contributing to a Quercus discussion, and editing one section of my research paper.)
  2. Was this achievable?
  3. What reward would I receive once I completed the task?
SMART worksheet.  At the end of the two hours, we were asked how far we got. I had managed to get through almost everything, but it was comforting to hear when other people admitted that they hadn’t gotten as much done as they’d hoped for.  Some notes that might encourage people to try a Study Hub:
  • Even though you’re prompted to speak, you don’t need to. There were a few people who didn’t say what they were working on but attended all the same.
  • You don’t need to show your face either, you can turn your camera off before joining the meeting and still study alongside everyone else.
Overall, the Virtual Study Hub was super beneficial for me. I powered through a lot more work than usual because I knew I was being held accountable. I have to admit that halfway through I started to slack off a bit, but knowing that everyone else was working I tried my best to stay on track (and I managed to not open Youtube at all, whoo!). Anyway, I certainly think Virtual Study Hubs are worth trying out.   

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