How I Spent My Reading Week!

During Reading Week I went to Vancouver with my family so I wanted to share a quick blog post about some of the fun things I got up to while I was there (and maybe provide inspo for when other people have time off). While some of these are Vancouver specific, there’s also a lot of overlap between both cities (the other being here aka Toronto), so I thought this could also be used as a list of weekend activities!  
The beach by UBC.
The airport.
Technically, this was not my first time in Vancouver because I was there as an infant, however this is the first time I came back with memories. To set the scene: the weather was mild, and the days were surprisingly sunny except for the first Saturday which was endlessly rainy.  1. We went to a nature conservatory, and it felt like the tropics!
This Bird would speak to you!
Two parrots.Conservatory. 2. My parents are both artists so a staple feature of all our trips is visiting as many art galleries as possible.  3. We walked around the UBC campus, checked out the contemporary art gallery there, then headed to the Museum of Anthropology. 4. My own go-to activity when we travel is shopping, here’s a photo from a store of which I’m hoping will inspire me to reorganize my closet.  And, this is the best souvenir I have ever found (it is a pin for the bird named Blanca from the conservatory, they make pins of all the birds there!).
Parrot pin.
Then, after what felt like a very short week, we flew back home over the mountains.  Altogether I felt refreshed. Before Reading Week I was feeling increasingly overwhelmed by school work, however I always feel like I get a bunch of new ideas (some for my midterm essays!) when I get a change of scenery and experience art and nature. Therefore, here’s a little reminder that if the school season seems to be getting difficult don’t be afraid to take a little break, take a walk in a park or visit some art galleries. Every breath of fresh air counts! 

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