Picture of my backpack with some school supplies

What’s in my Backpack

I thought I would do a fun little blog for this week, so I wanted to share some of my favourite things I bring with me to school! 🙂 Essentials: My laptop is probably the most important item in my bag since I use it for taking notes, doing assignments, and completing my readings. I’ll also bring my laptop and phone chargers with me if I have a long day of classes. Of course, I carry my lunch and water bottle with me, along with a few snacks! I’ll bring my coffee mug with me as well if I’m planning to buy a cup of coffee (which is on most days). My agenda and pencil case are also essentials that I carry with me every day for when I need to jot something down. I also can’t forget about my wallet, which I carry my student ID in. I also carry an “emergency bag”, which acts as a mini first aid kit, with me at all times. In it, there’s some bandages, hand sanitizer, elastics, and a tide-to-go (you’ll be surprised at how often I need it).
Picture of my laptop, chargers, water bottle, agenda, pencil case
Left to right: laptop, chargers, water bottle, agenda, pencil case
 Miscellaneous: In the front pocket of my bag, I carry some miscellaneous items like my presto card, tissues, lotion, gum, lip balm, and my headphones so I can listen to music while commuting or studying. I also have some loose coins and receipts in there, but those aren’t intentional 🙂
Picture of my presto card, tissue, lotion, lip balm, earphones, coins, receipt
Left to right: presto card, tissue, lotion, lip balm, earphones, coins, receipt
 Variable items: Depending on what classes I have, there are some items that I need to bring, like specific texts or textbooks. I’ll also bring my tablet to some classes where I like to add handwritten notes, like my biochemistry class. If I have a lab, I’ll bring my lab coat and googles in a separate bag (my bag is usually too full to carry those). On test days, I’ll bring extra pencils and erasers (just in case my other 10 pencils stop working—a likely event). I’ll also bring a watch, because I like to excessively check the time during tests.   And there you have it, that’s all my backpack essentials! Leave a comment below about what you bring to school 🙂

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