My Back to School To-Do List

With a few weeks left until school starts, and the stress beginning to creep back into my life, I decided to tackle my uncertainty with one of the only ways I know how: planning. Below you will find my personal back to school list aimed towards making my prep effective.
  • Sleep.
  • Create a food plan. Last year I realized that eating healthy can be expensive - especially when I'm eating out. I'm planning on doing some meal prep, like the stuff that constantly pops up on my Instagram explore page.
  • Develop a system for school-work. Reflecting on my organizational choices from last year, I want to optimize the way I handle my notes, assignments, and studying material.
  • Get a new TCARD. Mine stopped working for whatever reason - looks like I'm due for a visit at the TCARD Services .
  • Start scoping out where to buy books. I usually get mine from the Bookstore, or buy them used (which is usually much cheaper).
  • Fill in my planner. I've begun noting down upcoming events, commitments, and classes.
  • Make a list of things I want to do both on and off-campus
  • Write up new fitness and wellness routines. I want to start incorporating weight-lifting in my workouts this year. I also want to establish a wellness routine that includes skincare, makeup, and spending time with friends.
  • Set realistic academic goals. I do this by evaluating my course load, projected time commitments, and the types of courses I’m taking. I usually visit my academic adviser to think through my academic year.
  • Get in touch with friends. Make more friends in classes.
  • Go to the beach. Sit on a hammock. Have a sangria. Enjoy the last bit of summer before school kicks in.

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