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Four reasons why skipping class to study for class doesn’t work

Exam stress makes us do odd things. One thing I have definitely been guilty of in the past is trying to study course material by skipping the lecture. I'm sure you or people around you have tried this. Here's four reasons why you should avoid giving into the temptation of skipping class (especially) at this time --
  1. The lecture content is pretty much what you’re going to to get tested on -- If you’ve already had two midterms in some of your courses then it’s likely that your final exam will focus on what you have NOT been tested on yet -- the upcoming lectures. I’m sure the textbook has a good amount of material. But remember most professors use lectures to highlight certain points and direct discussion to help you know what they want you to know! Plus many professors use multiple references outside the course material in lecture which you don’t want to miss.
2) Notes are good, but being there is better -- I’m sure you can get notes from your friends. However your friends might miss some important connections or points the professor makes.  If you have to miss class I would suggest asking your friend for the lecture recording (given that your professor allows audio recordings) or asking a few friends for their notes so you’re not counting on one person for everything! 3) I know morning classes are a pain but they get your day started! I don't know about you but I get lazy sometimes if I don't have somewhere I've planned to be in the morning. Especially now when things are getting busy it's easy to just sleep in and try to forget about all your responsibilities for "only 10 more minutes" which almost always leads to an hour of just lazing around. Morning classes get me out of bed and ready for the day without getting caught up in the overwhelming amount of work I have to do. Once I'm already out and have done ONE thing right by showing up to class, it gets the ball rolling and I feel like doing more! 4) Attending the last few classes is great if you want to establish contact with your professor -- Most professors have been teaching for years. It’s hard to stand out and establish contact with your professor, especially if it’s a big class. One way that will increase your chances of establishing a one-on-one relationship with your professor is by showing up for the last few classes. By expressing your gratitude on the last day. It’s important to realise that while exams are starting, some of our favourite courses are ending. You don’t want to look back on this in the summer and wish you had said something to a professor that really gave you some great insight. Lastly and importantly know that you have to stay home and rest when you need it. As much as professors appreciate you showing up and participating in class, they appreciate you taking a day off when you're sick as well. Stress does have negative physiological impacts.  If you feel like you're going to get sick, sending your professor an email excusing yourself and resting in bed is the best you can do! Showing up when you're unwell not only worsens your condition but might negatively impact other students as well. Attending class has its obvious benefits but prioritizing your health is important.  As long as you're skipping class for the right reasons you'll be fine. Just remember studying for the course while skipping lecture isn't one of them!

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