A friend and I at Toronto Center Island

Things You Should Do During Reading Week

November is just around the corner and for Arts and Science students we all know that means Reading Week is almost here. This reading week is even more exciting because it’s the first time the Arts and Science students are given a full week of break unlike having two days from the previous years. So now that makes me wonder… what should I do for a full week? Obviously, the break is meant for reading and reviewing class notes, but let’s be honest… we also take that time to do something fun and take breath from classes. The possibilities are endless and it’s a perfect opportunity to do certain things that you have never tried before. For me, I tend to take the break as an opportunity to explore and rest. With this blog, I hope to enlighten you on some fun activities that I do that could make your break worth it. Plan A Trip We have a full week; a full week to leave the city and visit someplace new or friends who live outside of Toronto. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be far. You can take a trip to any place in Ontario such Hamilton, London, Ottawa, or travel outside of the province to Montreal or even Vancouver. Or you can go above and beyond and travel to somewhere exotic. This all depends on your budget of course. However, it’s nice to take a step away from Toronto and see new environments and new faces and add to your life experiences. Explore areas around Toronto If you can’t afford a trip outside of Toronto, then explore more of the surroundings near you. Toronto is a rich city, full of many restaurants, events, sites, and shopping and you will constantly stumble on areas. You just have to keep your eye out for certain things. BlogTO is a perfect site to browse and find new places and events that are in Toronto (Click Here to visit BlogTO website). You can explore places like Toronto Center Island for a day and visit their local farm consisting of many cute animals such as horses, goats, geese, etc. Whenever I’m on break I tend to explore somewhere different and gain new insights of where I live.
A friend and I at Toronto Center Island
During one break my friend and I took a day trip to Toronto Center Island.
A picture of a park at Toronto Center Island
My friend and I got to walk through the scenic park on the island.
DSCN1892 Binge watch on Netflix I am guilty of this, but I love binge watching TV shows on Netflix. I tend to start shows and never finish them during the school year because I never find time to finish them. Therefore, reading week is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the shows that I have missed while relaxing.
A picture of a TV show playing on a computer screen.
I love to tv on Netflix and drink tea to relax.
Sleep In Sleeping is a crucial part of your everyday health and after midterms season students tend to sleep less. Reading week is a perfect time to catch up on your sleep and recharge before classes start. Nothing is like the feeling of waking up any time of the day knowing that you have no classes to attend to and that you have gotten a full night sleep. Besides studying, these are a few things that I tend to do during reading week in February and potentially for the November break. We only get this break twice a year so it's best to make the most of it so you can achieve the desires you've been craving to do.

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