A picture of a one of the dorms at St. Michael's College

Items That Would Make Student Life Easier

Preparing for first year can be extremely overwhelming. There is this endless list of things you think you may need that would solve all your problems, but in reality half the things you buy aren't really useful. They would end up in the corner slowly getting covered in dust. I know this because in first year I literally packed my entire room from home with me. I wanted my dorm room to feel at home and near the end of the year when I had to pack a huge pile of worthless stuff, I strongly regretted my decision. From my experience of living in a dorm, less is more! You will not only have more space but it's less things to pack in the long run. Here are a few things that has helped me survive first year and that I think you'll will definitely need in order to survive. Kureg, kettle, or noodle cooker A Kureg, a kettle, or even a noodle cooker are essentials. When it's late and you are studying for a test for the next day, these items will be life savers in satisfing late night hunger. Or when the cafeteria food is serving food that your stomach can't fathom these are helpful because food options are endless when you have hot water. Additionally, it will help prepare all of your delicious caffeinated drinks that you need to survive through out the day in classes.
A picture of a one of the dorms at St. Michael's College
This is one of the dorms at St. Michael's College where I moved in first year.
Storage bins Dorm rooms can be very tiny and have little storage. I have more things that I need for my daily routine, therefore I bought storage bins from Dollarama (a well known Canadian dollar store). These bins allowed me to stay organized as I placed my hair products in one, snacks and food in another, and some extra clothes in another. Mirror If your dorm does not have a full length mirror, then I definitely advise that you purchase one. It will come in handy when you are getting dressed for a night out but are unsure on how your outfit matches your shoes. It's also easier so see than using a bathroom mirror that only shows half of your body.
A picture of my dorm room
This was my very first dorm room and I you can see I brought a lot items.
Printer My printer and I are best friends. It literally has saved me from many trips to going to the library and paying $0.15 per page to print. It's cost effective and very convenient to have, especially if you like to print your lectures and write notes by hand. Mini Fridge In first year I underestimated the need for a fridge. It is extremely convenient to have especially when you have left over food that you want to save for later or while studying you want a cool refreshing snack like yogurt or fresh fruit. Mini fridges are accessible all the time but the best times to receive one is at the beginning of the school year when there is a lot of college dorm sales or when school ends when people are trying to sell items they don't need. I strongly suggest in getting a mini fridge because it will come in handy when you get hungry or trying to save money. Having these items in first year definitely made student life more manageable and convenient for me. Without these I don't know how I would survive while studying in the night or getting through the day in classes. There is no need in buying a lot of things for your dorm because you will only be living in it for 8 months. Instead buy the things you really need that would be useful and save your money for things that are more valuable. What are some things you are looking forward to in moving in a dorm?

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