Keep calm and roll on – myofascial release at Goldring

That moment when you realize you’re training in as many sports this term as you are completing courses…
Mr.Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants is shown twitching.
My body is going to be so mad at me.
What better time to check out a myofascial release class at Goldring? Your fascia is a sort of spider-web of dense tissue which surrounds and attaches to all kinds of structures in your body. Normally –rather, in a healthy state- your fascia is relaxed and can stretch and move as you do. Over time however, due to stress, trauma, poor habits (slouching, for instance) your fascia can undergo changes which lead to restricted mobility, tension and even pain. Myofascial release consists of massaging and stretching the fascia to relieve pressure and tightness.
A photo of an individual foam rolling with a art overlay showing their internal anatomy.
At the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, you can learn and employ myofascial release techniques in the “Roll it Out” registered class. The class takes place on Mondays from 4:10-5pm in the Fitness Studio (which you’ll find on the top tier of the Strength and Conditioning Centre). I’m really excited to be learning this therapy and to see what it may do for me as I train harder than ever before this term.
The inside of the fitness studio.
Not to mention, I love the Fitness Studio. It’s so open and bright, it’s such a simple, feel-good space.
Now, let me be clear: myofascial release isn’t just for athletes. Most of us –as students slouching over textbooks and hauling heavy backpacks - carry a lot of tension and you may be surprised to see how much better you feel when you’ve worked some of that tension out. I went to my first class this past week and learned some great techniques for relieving tension in the quads and hamstrings. I enjoy the fact that I now have a regularly scheduled 50 minutes dedicated to recovery and stretching -with a busy schedule it’s been easy for me to skip over this important part of any exercise regime. I’m looking forward to employing the things I learn for years to come so that I can live my active lifestyle as long as humanly possible.
A cartoon of an elderly woman lifting heavy weights above her head.
Who's with me?
There are still twelve spots in the class and I recommend checking it out if you might be interested. You’ll find it listed under Strength and Conditioning on the KPE website. While you’re online, why not browse the newly redesigned website and make sure you aren’t missing out on other valuable classes offered this semester.  

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