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A career as a doctor is one of the most sought-after profession among undergraduates. As such, I figured many of you would like to hear some valuable insight about the program and advice about getting in! Please meet Hasanen who is a second year med student. He completed both his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science at the University of Ottawa. I hope you find his advice valuable!

Why did you decide to choose a career in medicine?

I thought a career in medicine would provide me with an optimal combination of the things I like – working with others (patients and other healthcare professionals), research, teaching opportunities, problem solving, and dynamism. As I’ve made my way through medical school, however, I realize that the most important factor has been the interactions I have with patients. Being able to help figure out what is bothering them and having the ability to reassure them, provide them with a listening ear, and occasionally put a smile on their face is a real privilege.

What made you decide to study at U of T?

The opportunities available at U of T are probably second to none. The affiliated institutes and teaching hospitals are world class, the research is great, and the class is full of talented people.

What were some challenges you faced while studying medicine?

I think the biggest challenge for me has been changing my learning habits so that I am not just trying to do well on exams, but to actually consolidate the material and retain it to apply it in real life. Considering how much material we go through, I’m still working on it.

What advice do you have for students interested in applying to Medicine at UofT?

Getting into medical school is difficult, as you probably know. Keep trying, prepare for your interviews, and keep doing the things that make you happy.

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