U of T’s Hidden Gems

Running Life at U of T's Instagram page this year has made me spend more time getting to know campus than I ever did last year. While getting to making a living snapping pictures of the quirky goings on of U of T for a living has been great, the best part has been discovering spaces that I never would have before. With finals season reaching its peak, I thought I'd share my favourite hidden (and not so hidden) gems, so your extra time on campus can be spent in more places than Robarts. The OISE Nexus Longue 
views of the toronto skyline from the Nexus Lounge
If you think the best place to view the 6ix is from the upper floors of Robarts, think again. The OISE Nexus Lounge is located on the 12th floor of the OISE building, and provides a beautiful panoramic view of the skyline. It's rarely crowded and talking (quietly) and food are permitted. Second Floor of the Koffler Centre  11909299_939760542780784_1890107944_n 12598954_450971741763687_1106285186_n The second floor of the Koffler Centre has a number of ridiculously cozy arm chairs with build in tables. The large number of windows not only let in lots of natural light, but give you a gorgeous view into the bookstore as well. The path beside Hart House  If you spend your days crossing campus from Vic you probably already know about this spot, but between Queen's Park Circle and Tower Road there is a gorgeous little path that runs along Hart House. This spot is the perfect place to snap a few pics or enjoy a few minutes away from it all. Harvest Noon Harvest Noon is probably the least "hidden" gem on this list, but is largely unpopulated by undergrad students. Aside from serving amazing vegan lunches and americanos, Harvest Noon's large windows and big tables make it a perfect spot to put the finishing touches on an essay. UC's Tower Room  Okay, the official name of this room is UC376, but I thought tower room had a way better ring to it. This room is located upstairs from the Kings College Circle entrance of UC, and is a beautiful space to work on a project with friends, as long as there isn't a class in there. This room has high ceilings and skylights, and if you go at the right time you might just heat beautiful piano music flowing in from downstairs.   What are your favourite hidden gems at U of T? Let me know below. 

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