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Food can be the best part of the day. I’m easily distracted by good eats. If you’re like me an ugly pile of tasty stuff can brighten up life instantly. But fancy meals are also fun, especially with friends.
A cookie sheet with nine golden pastry pockets with the letter Z cut into each one
These are a ton of work but definitely worth it: home-made turnover pastries with beef and sautéed vegetable filling. They also have my signature right on them (Photo by Zachary Biech)
First Nations House holds all kinds of fun feasts in addition to hosting lunches every Friday in the kitchen. The first major one is the Fall Feast on October 10th. Friends, food and fun all in one? I think that kitchen and I are going to get along very well indeed…
Looking outwards from the back of the First Nations House, with a large coffee machine on the right and a countertop and sink to the left
The coffee alone is enough to draw me in to the FNH kitchen (Photo by Zachary Biech) I’ve lost a lot of weight since the summer of 2012, and I now know eating well is vital. It starts with treating food like fuel. What goes into your body can give you power, but can also gunk things up. You wouldn’t use diesel in a gasoline engine right? If it ain’t good for my system, I ain’t interested.
A Pink Lady apple, with two halfs of a turkey and cheese sandwich on Italian bread with all the veggie fixings, plus some chunks of a blueberry granola bar
Very typical lunch at my apartment (Photo by Zachary Biech)
Also, how much is on your plate is just as important as what is on your plate. I follow a simple rule: half the plate should always be vegetables or fruit. Always. Add in some daily exercise and poof, just like that, I lost over eighty pounds. No fancy program, just good habits.
A plate with one quarter filled with beef roast, one quater with golden scalloped potatoes, one quater with roasted carrots, and one quater with baked green beans
Mmmm looks tasy; but notice the proportioning as well (Photo by Zachary Biech)
I’ve noticed university students have a hard time eating well. I think it’s the huge workload combined with cafeterias filled with sugar and fat. It’s very easy to say to yourself, “I’ve got no time. I’ll just grab some convenient comfort food and chow down real quick.” To avoid the freshman fifteen, I always found the tastiest, healthiest things in the cafeteria and proved to myself that it’s actually very easy to eat properly in university. What works for me: recognizing that greasy or sugary stuff will not fuel you properly and actually make things harder. Brains need the good stuff! I’ve also found home cooking to be a source of salvation. In my apartment, I exercise complete control over the foods that surround me. Thus, I have a kitchen stocked full of my favourite grub, and there are no bad fuels in my cupboards or refrigerator. It’s a win-win.
A pile of potato pancakes, sliced banana coins, and two rings of red pepper with fried eggs in the middle
This is an easy, fun breakfast: Russian-style potato pancakes with egg-in-a-hole red peppers (Photo by Zachary Biech)
A picture looking over a bar counter into my little kitchen, with me standing in front of some baking ingredients
Me, doing some culinary hocus-pocus (Photo by Claudia Dessanti)
I’ve spent a lot of time exploring new recipes. Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies. I’ve got a repertoire of healthy, funky recipes, and no longer need the fatty, sugary junk. These recipes are super easy and provide a lot of leftovers. My favourites are the simplest ones, like rye biscuits or stroganoff.
Two golden-brown biscuits next to two two crepe-like creations topped with fresh blueberries
Those are rye biscuits on the right, and Russian blinchiki on the left (Photo by Zachary Biech)
My hand with an over mitt on, the thumb of which is burnt to a crisp
This is what happens when you touch the element in an oven...your thumb lights on fire like a torch (Photo by Zachary Biech) I love sharing what I cook with others, and I enjoy having meals with friends. It’s a great time for connecting. If you’re like me, then you’d enjoy Friday lunches (or even just stopping by for coffee) at First Nations House. It’s great for socializing, trying good foods and sharing your favourites. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the dinner table can be the heart of friendships. Now enough talk, let’s eat! What’s your staple go-to meal for busy times? What’s your favourite food to share?
A bowl full of creamy beef and eggnoodles all mushed together (also you can see a sleepingbag in the background from the move-in process)
The first meal I ever cooked in my apartment: It's an old family recipe and my staple go-to meal, which we lovingly call "eggnoodle concoction"
(Photo By Zachary Biech)

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