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Slowing down on campus

Somehow summer has flown by and it’s already the last week of August before my third year here at U of T. I’m really not sure how so much time has passed so quickly… I still remember coming to U of T three years ago for a fall open house and being awed by how great the campus was. Anyway, with only 2 weeks until classes begin and things becomes very, very busy, I decided to take a stroll around campus with my camera to really appreciate and appreciate all the little spots that I’m often too busy to appreciate during the year.

Take this post as a little breather before the whirlwind that this year is sure to be.

The left half of Old Vic is finally done being refinished… but now they’re working on the right side. Will we ever see the entirety of Old Vic again?
Birds were chirping, a guy was playing guitar, and a family walked past me and remarkced how it was “way prettier than I thought it would be” while I was basking in the sun at University College.
Path to University College
Oh Hart House you’re so pretty.
Trinity College Quad ft. the bust of John Strachan


I remember spending more time than I’d like to admit on my first day at U of T trying to figure out if this statue of Northrop Frye was one of those performance statue people. It’s definitely a statue.
I just finished reading a book that took place largely on a small college campus and this St. Mikes building was all I could picture when they talked about dorms.
In a few months this will be a snowbank and I’m not okay with that.
So many colours of flowers at the Vic Oasis


So U of T, how is everyone spending their last days of summer? 

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