All Hallows’ Eve

So 364 days of the year we should stay away from skeletons, zombies, evil spirits, and just basically anything involving demonic stuff because let's face it, all that stuff is "bad". But one day a year in October we say, "Hey Kids let's let it alllllll in!.... better yet let's dress up as this stuff!, here's a little devil costume! Now go ask some strangers for candy."  Now despite my mediocre and simplistic description of Halloween, that in a nutshell is why it is my favorite holiday of the year. All the norms and what not are dropped.  You can go to school dressed like Heisenberg, Miley Cyrus, or even just her Wrecking Ball and get away with it all because "bro, it's Halloween!".
I had to find some way to incorporate this picture, it's just too good.
I had to find some way to incorporate this picture, it's just too good.
Now at first you may first think that Halloween is simply just some shoddy holiday (technically it isn't even a "holiday" because afterall it's not like we get the day off of school or anything... but let's be honest it should be a statutory holiday) but personally I believe that Halloween is a very technical holiday. There are countless ways that one can go about messing up their costume and let's be honest here, there is nothing worse than a bad costume that no one understands. Some pointers: POP CULTURE REFERENCE: You don't have to be elaborate here or anything but generally to play it safe and avoid people guessing your costume the whole night coordinate your costume to something relevant in the media (e.g. anything Game of Thrones, Miley Cyrus and her lack thereof clothing, will suffice).
Plants vs. Zombies is still relevant right? It's my favourite game afterall
Plants vs. Zombies is still relevant in pop culture right? It's my favourite game afterall, it needed to be included as well.
YOUR SETTING: So if you are going out for the night, standing up a lot, and/ or dancing a ton, don't dress up as a mummy by wearing nothing more than just ripped bedsheets dyed in tea wrapped around your body (been there done that... true story). ACCESSORIES: If you are intending on taking expensive props with you and hope to actually come home with them later that night, think again buddy. Props such as swords not only get in the way but after a night of sufficient libation generally they tend to end up either in the possession of some random person you just met or confiscated by the bouncer/security guard because you keep hitting the guy dressed up as Joffrey Lannister yelling "I'm the new Kingslayer!" . Follow these three tips and you will be all star ready for Halloween this year U of T.
This guy knows what's up
This guy knows what's up

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