Long Walk ;-)

With all of the rushing we all do from class to class, how often do any us of get a chance to appreciate just how pretty our campus is? For a place that I spend so much of my time at, I really can’t say that I spend much time truly seeing anything.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a long walk through St. George with my camera in hand, and I’m glad that I did. Between the architecture, the various sculptures, and the autumn colours, there was so much for me to take photos of.  I’m hoping that at some point down the line I’ll have the time to visit, and take pics of, both the Scarborough and Mississauga campuses as well.

I didn’t really have a plan of which areas I wanted to go to when I decided to take the photos, and that was a conscious decision.  As with every other student, having a set class schedule means that I generally take the exact same route each day – which, means that I haven’t really gotten a chance to see most of the campus as yet.  If I planned a route, I’d probably just end up walking my usual route.  I decided to just grab my camera (well, camera phone) and head to wherever my feet led me.  In a way, I wanted the campus to reveal itself to me as I walked.

If you have some time, I hope that you’ll take a stroll through campus. If you already have, what are your favorite spots? Has their been anything in particular that’s caught your eye? For me, coming across the memorial marker for those who lost their lives at Tiananmen Square was both unexpected and touching.

I hope that you’ll enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  After a hectic midterm session, it was really nice to be able to take time out to just enjoy the sights that U of T has to offer.

the Soldier’s Tower

image carved into stone, Hart House

entrance to the Munk Library

sculpture at entrance to Anthropology department

sculpture at entrance to Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

sculpture outside of Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

architectural detailing at Massey College

Memorial for those who lost their lives in Tiananmen Square
memorial for those who lost their lives in Tiananmen Square

courtyard at Munk Library

entrance to Hart House

This week’s Song of the Week is This Time Around by Aya. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi Jacquie!

    The Tiananmen Square memorial is located at the back of the UTSU building, directly underneath the embedded bicycle wall sculpture. The UTSU building is located across from Hart House 🙂

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