Sid’s Cafe and … Georgie?!

Sid’s Cafe and … Georgie?!

If you’ve been to the eatery at Sid Smith or read UeaT, the Food Services blog, then you’ll have heard about the newly renovated Sid’s Cafe.

To be honest, last year seems like a while ago, and I don’t particularly remember what the cafe looked like then, but after walking in recently, I do know that the space feels brighter, more open, more happy … dare I say, more UpbeaT?

During the summer, I got a chance to tour the cafe when it was still being renovated:

Bet you could never imagine what the cafe looks like without any students around, eh? It’s … eerie. And without the use of Photoshop, too!

My favourite new addition is the fireplace. Don’t you just absolutely adore it? It’s so pretty!

The fireplace definitely creates a more welcoming and homey feel, and the seating area is much improved! I love that little footrest on the high chairs. It’s such a small thing, but it makes a world of difference when your feet aren’t dangling!

Now, if you head over to the food section, you’ll notice that it’s also been renovated. There are healthier options, while the franchises are reminiscent of the options available at the Medical Sciences cafeteria and Robarts cafeteria.

There are the oldies-but-goodies: Miso (“Asian” cuisine), Bene Pasta (“Italian” cuisine), Pizza Pizza, Chicken Chicken, Grill Grill – sorry, Grill Works – and an even older oldy-but-goody: Tim Hortons. There’s also my personal favourite: Euro Market – the European-style deli sandwich station. The sandwiches are fabulous. They’re different every day, made on toasted (YES, MELTED CHEESE!) Euro baguettes (white and whole wheat options available), and you get your (albeit limited) choice of fresh toppings! (Tired of my parentheses yet?)

New to the Sid Smith location is an awesome self-serve salad station and an AquaHealth water dispenser, which, along with regular water, dispenses enhanced vitamin water. Now, if I may interject here, I was honestly hoping the regular water would be free. I don’t get why you have to pay the price of fountain pop for a cup of water. I mean, c’mon, there was a huge water truck during Clubs Fair! Also new is Sultan’s Middle Eastern Cuisine, 100% halal, offering shawarmas, falafel, donair and chicken kebobs. Any readers here able to make a comparison between these items and the fare over at Sammy’s Student Exchange?

Sid’s Cafe reopened last week, and by virtue of being an awesome, important human being, I was invited to its opening.

Meh. Who am I kidding? I’m awesome, but not enough to score an invite. Georgie, the robot, got an invite and by virtue of being his mother babysitter caretaker, I got to tag along.

Georgie toured Sid Smith for the first time, scored another invite (this time to UTSC), and even got his picture taken with ASSU‘s president, Gavin Nowlan:

*wipes tear proudly*

Here is Georgie, surveying the new eatery and lamenting (but still smiling!) the fact that he can only digest battery juice:

Has anyone given the new cafe a try? What do you think?

Till next week, dear readers!

– Cynthia

2 comments on “Sid’s Cafe and … Georgie?!

  1. hmmm i like the renovations
    and how (i think) you can get small portions of food for 4 dollars (instead of womping big ones you cant finish)

    that said, some of the food is still icky poo =(

    Though my friend was v. happy that they serve halal food.

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