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Thanks for dropping by! This page is where you can learn more about the bloggers and the behind-the-scenes crew at the Family Care Office.

Amanda Cheung: Amanda is a highly caffeinated third-year student at the University of Toronto, pursuing degrees in English Literature & Book and Media Studies. When she’s not coordinating workshops for the Family Care Office, she’s probably stuck on the TTC with her nose in a book or holed up in a movie theatre downtown.

CJ Pentland: CJ is completing his Master of Information at U of T, with a concentration in Library & Information Sciences. Originally from Ladner, BC, he did his undergrad at the University of British Columbia, receiving a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in History and English Language. He enjoys exploring and getting to know the ‘big city’ of Toronto, and can also be found reading, watching movies, or playing rec-league sports in his free time.

Emily Pritchard: Emily is currently completing her undergraduate degree with a specialist in Criminology and a minor in Sociology. She plans to pursue a career in social work, with a focus on working with children and youth. When not studying or working at the Family Care Office, she spends her time reading the latest books and trying out new recipes. So, that’s Emily in a nutshell, reading, writing and cooking.  Quite the picture, I’m sure!

Miles Lin: Having taken care of his cousins since they were born, Miles has always been very comfortable around children and as a result has seen the impact and importance of early childhood education and experiences. The Family Care Office has allowed him to convert what he believes is truly valuable into content to help spread and educate the importance of early childhood and a whole scope of family matters.

Priyanka Sahajpal: Priyanka is in her first year of her Master’s of Social Work degree. She is interested in working with children, youth and families in the future. She easily gets distracted by dogs, Taco Bell, anything with Star Wars on it and Kitkat. She has 5 younger siblings and brings her personal care giving experience to the Family Care Office. She completed her undergrad in Psychology and Criminology and likes to use a holistic approach in her work. In her free time, she likes catching up on shows, enjoys dancing and spending time with family and friends.


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