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New Family Care Office Blogger!

Hi! Hello! Bonjour! I’m Emily Pritchard and as the new Writer and Social Media Coordinator here are the Family Care Office, you are going to see a lot of me on this blog over the next few months. If my name seems familiar, that is probably because this is not my first time working with the FCO. Over the Fall/Winter terms this past year, I was the Workshop Coordinator, which involved helping with workshops, as well as writing the occasional blog post. I loved my time with the FCO last term, and I am so glad to be back!


I am going into my fourth year of my undergraduate degree with a Specialist in Criminology and a minor in Sociology. When I graduate, which is getting to be alarmingly soon, I have plans to obtain my certification as a Social Service Worker and hope to eventually work with at-risk youth. I have also studied French and can speak it conversationally, although I hope to be fluent one day. Outside of school and my work-study position, I enjoy cooking (you can check out my blog on healthy muffins here), travelling and reading as much as humanly possible! On a related note, I actually have a book blog entitled Emmie’s Book Nook, where I post about all things bookish. Another fun fact about me is that I am actually getting married in less than a year—which is both super exciting and slightly nerve racking.


I hope you have enjoyed this quick look into my life, and I look forward to writing for you!

My recent trip to an animal sanctuary in Honduras.

A book displayed on a white table cloth.

One of my many favourite books.

Emily Pritchard

Emily is currently completing her undergraduate degree with a specialist in Criminology and a minor in Sociology. She plans to pursue a career in social work, with a focus on working with children and youth. When not studying or working at the Family Care Office, she spends her time reading the latest books and trying out new recipes. So, that’s Emily in a nutshell, reading, writing and cooking. Quite the picture, I’m sure!

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