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Family Care Office Summer 2019 Reading List

The Family Care Office has a library of over 500 books which comprise a wide selection of family-related topics ranging from pregnancy to parenting, balancing work and family, and elder care. Staff, faculty, students as well as the partners of staff, faculty and students may borrow from our collection!

We recently acquired over 40 new books, and would like to highlight some titles to add to your reading list, for this summer and beyond:

Conception, Pregnancy and New Parents

Developed by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, this comprehensive book helps parents to give their baby the best start possible by guiding them through having a child from preconception to birth. With an easy-to-read format, this is definitely a go-to book for new parents or those planning on having a child.

This book provides information for anyone helping a birth parent, whether a partner, friend or relative. Covering all of the stages of birth from preparing for labour to newborn care, The Birth Partner gives you the information to confidently provide support to help a loved one through childbirth, and can also act as a guide for birth parents who want to know what to expect throughout the process.

Divorce and Bereavement

This guide provides information about the many different aspects of co-parenting that parents will face following a separation/divorce, including how to deal with grief, how separation affects your parenting style, how to explain separation in kid friendly language. This book will provide strategies to successfully raise a child in two households.

Elder Care

Dementia is a condition affecting hundreds of millions of people throughout the world.  In addition to giving tips and advice to caregivers, this unique guide provides awareness for what it feels like to have dementia.


Kids, Sex & Screen front cover of book

Technology being available at our fingertips has made accessing information much easier than in the past, including sexual content.  When this information is consumed by children without context, it can lead to lasting psychological impacts. This publication provides information about what children are witnessing on the Internet and how parents can help them navigate it, with examples from the author’s own practice.

Based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model, this workbook uses child-friendly illustrations and language to help children who experience anxiety and find activities overwhelming. This book explains to children what anxiety is and how they can develop coping strategies.

Written by a Canadian parent, this guide helps other parents whose children have fallen through the cracks, to successfully act as advocates for their children. This short and easy to read book provides tips and information for caregivers to navigate the complex system created to help children with special needs.

Whether you are raising a child with ASD, ADHD, giftedness, dyslexia, anxiety or other neuro-differences, this book provides parents with information to help guide their children through the many challenges they will face in their lives. This guide can help parents navigate the complicated world of the differently wired.


The self-compassion workbook for teens with a front desk cover.

As most of us have experienced, being a teenager is a tough time filled with confusing and turbulent changes, which often leads to self-doubt. This workbook gives teenagers a toolkit, including fun and straightforward mindfulness activities.

Educational Fiction for Young Adults and Parents

Written by New York Times bestselling author of the Hate U Give, this own-voices novel features teenager Bri as she tries to make it big as a rapper so she can put food on the table for her struggling mother, while living in a world that labels her as a hoodlum because of the colour of her skin. When she pours her frustration into a song that makes it big in the wrong way, Bri learns the importance of friends and family—and that freedom of speech isn’t always free.


In addition to these titles we have many others, including children’s books, all available for you to borrow!  Check out our LibGuide for more information on our entire selection of books or come visit us in person at the Family Care Office—we would love to say hello.☺

Emily Pritchard

Emily is currently completing her undergraduate degree with a specialist in Criminology and a minor in Sociology. She plans to pursue a career in social work, with a focus on working with children and youth. When not studying or working at the Family Care Office, she spends her time reading the latest books and trying out new recipes. So, that’s Emily in a nutshell, reading, writing and cooking. Quite the picture, I’m sure!

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