Child Care, Money Matters

On-Campus Child Care… and subsidies!

Being a student and having a family is a real challenge. It’s not just about domestic finances, although more often than not, money is a big deal for students; it’s also about balancing two very demanding roles in life. On the one hand you’re expected to give your best in school, to keep up with readings, papers, projects, and so on; on the other hand, enjoying your family and spending time with your partner and your kids is more than mere responsibility, it’s a large part of what makes us happy.

For those of us who have kids not old enough to enter junior kindergarten, the option of leaving your kid in a safe, clean, and friendly place where you know s/he will be happy is always something to take into account.

An immediate problem is related to money: it’s difficult to keep your head above water. When you’re focused on paying fees, books, and food, to even consider Child Care payment options can feel pretty much impossible. Well, here are two things for you to consider before making any decisions about Child Care services:

First, UofT provides Child Care services at St. George (Campus Community Cooperative Day Care, UofT Child Care on Charles St., UofT Early Learning Centre), UTM, and UTSC. The services are staffed by professionally qualified Early Childhood Educators. All centres give priority to UofT families.

Second, you can apply for a subsidy in order to get some help covering the cost of Child Care services. In the Toronto area you can apply if your family lives in the city, is moving to Toronto, or you are an employee of the City of Toronto,  if each parent is employed, looking for work, in school, or planning to go to school, and if each parent has submitted their most recent Income Tax Return. In case your child has a special need, you can also apply.

In the Region of Peel, you can apply for child care subsidies as long as you have filed your last year’s Income Tax Return and you live in Brampton, Caledon, or Mississauga.

Our UTM Early Learning Centre is located at the end of Leacock Lane. As part of the U of T Mississauga Campus, the ELC is surrounded by green areas, tall trees, and a safe, amicable environment. Currently, this ELC centre has spots available, so if you’re interested in finding Child Care services for your child at UTM, feel free to contact centre’s Supervisor – Teresa Alves (

If you need Child Care services and have more questions, don’t hesitate to call the Family Care Office (416.978.0951). We’re happy to help.