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Resource: The SickKids Hospital

One of the most challenging things about being a parent is dealing with sickness. Dealing with a child’s illness is not only heartbreaking, but also profoundly stressing. Even though we can actively promote our kids’ well-being by encouraging healthy habits, when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, most of us – especially those of us who know little about medicine – feel pretty unprepared. The list of things we can do to help our children is drastically reduced: we can be with them, provide comfort, and seek professional help.

Sick Kids By Gerald Lau

Sick Kids By Gerald Lau

The SickKids Hospital is an impressive institution devoted to the physical and mental health of children. In its first year, 1875, the hospital admitted 44 patients. Today, Sick Kids treats more than 100, 000 patients a year making it the largest children’s hospital in Canada.  As of March 31, 2015, the hospital is home to 10,440 staff and volunteers, including more than 3ooo health-care professionals, 704 physicians, and 245 scientists. Together, the Sick Kids community works hard everyday to achieve a common goal: improved health for children.

One of the most interesting characteristics of the hospital is the harmony between state of the art technologies and kind, welcoming environments for patients and their families. Especially for children, it is not only about receiving treatment: simply visiting the hospital can be a difficult experience. The images that come to my mind when I recall my visits to hospitals as a kid are pretty cold and impersonal, pretty much a greyish, silent building populated by very serious, white-coated people. These images are no longer the reality, especially at Sick Kids.

This harmony between science and human feelings, between state of the art technology and a holistic approach to the human being that integrates body, mind, and emotions, creates a positive environment for health to thrive. A good example is the evolution of the waiting rooms, where hospitals like Sick Kids provides engaging and welcoming environments for kids and their families.

The global perspective has permeated as well. SickKids hospital is actively engaged in health projects around the world, such as Qatar, Ghana and the Caribbean.

Want to know more about Sick Kids ? Here you can read the Annual 2014-2015 Report.