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Making a Splash this Summer

We are in a middle of a heat wave and student family housing (UTM) has no air conditioning! Now on other days I could pat myself on the back by being environmentally conscious but when that mercury rises I feel my “greenness” slipping away.

What to do when you and the kids are hot? Visit a Splash Pad! We love Splash Pads in our family and it’s a treat for all of us. I like the Splash Pads because it’s less fussy then packing a bag to go to the pool. At a pool I have to babysit the younger kids that don’t swim so well and make sure everyone is showered and didn’t forget their underwear. It’s really a major effort when it’s just you and the kids.

With Splash Pads everyone grabs a towel and goes. Just open up the car doors and bring a Splash Padtowel to sit on the way home. Our favorite Splash Pad is only 10 minutes away and is next to a playground with a picnic area. The kids run around and make new friends. Be prepared to hear a lot of delighted squealing as they frolic among the water sprays. It’s very hard not to join in and cool off with the young ones. You won’t be the only parent that does.

We can make it an event and bring some sandwiches, we eat at the picnic table to dry off. I like to pack easy treats that help us cool down. I throw a baggie of washed grapes into the freezer the night before and we munch on frozen grapes with our casual picnic. Kids are not expecting a huge spread to impress them. Mine are satisfied with PB&J, popcorn, and fruit. If you’re feeling a little flush most Splash Pads are stalked by at least one ice cream truck. The best part is you can tell the sticky kid to go right back on the pad and rinse off.

Of course my kids are younger and a Splash Pad is a big deal.  If you have tweens and teens running through water jets might actually make them seem less cool.  There is nothing wrong with spending an afternoon at the pool.  Pack up the same picnic and head on over to an outdoor pool.  You can soak up some much needed Vitamin D and take a refreshing dip.  We might as well take full advantage of the heat while we still can.

Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and protect everyone’s skin before going outside in this heat. You wouldn’t want a nasty sunburn to tarnish the summer fun.

Staying cool and building memories are two things that summers are made of. Luckily, Toronto has plenty of Splash Pads and pools to visit around the city. Which one is your favorite?

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