Parents’ Helper Jar (from Mommy Connections)

I recently saw an interesting post about post-natal life over at the Edmonton West Mommy Connections blog. Jennifer, who directs the branch, wrote about the difficulties of getting chores done in the weeks and months after the birth of a child — especially when it seems like every time the baby sleeps, a new visitor happens to drop by.

Her solution for those who appreciate their visitors but would also like chores to get done?

A “helper jar”:


This jar (or basket) is filled with slips of paper that have tasks written on them, and visitors can reach into the jar and pick out a slip of paper when they visit. The idea, Jennifer says, is that “when someone visits they take a task from the jar as a way of helping out. This [also] avoids the awkward ‘What can I help you with?’ and you blank out of sheer exhaustion or politeness.”

She also has tips for those who feel uncomfortable asking visitors for help with chores, and a sample list of tasks that can be cut up and placed in the basket — read the article and access the list here.