Opinion: On Childcare

The campaign for affordable childcare in Toronto is at a crossroads. Not only a provincial, but a national program has become an urgent issue for many parents across the country for decades.

There are opportunities coming up in the next few years which will affect the affordability of childcare for years to come. The federal election in particular could be an opportunity to ensure affordable childcare is on the list of important issues to debate.

Childcare is becoming an issue across the country. Quebec Premier Pauline Marois has promised a daily fee of $7 for subsidized spaces until 2016 and an additional 28,000 spaces. We will see how this promise progresses.

As well, the Early Childhood Educators of BC and the Coalition of Childcare Advocates of BC have called for a $10/day publicly funded childcare system in BC. As the federal campaign for a national childcare program, Code Blue, which was again active in 2011, there is no doubt this campaign will continue into the expected 2015 federal elections. In fact, it is possible at this juncture to broaden and deepen the campaign for childcare, taking into consideration the vast variety of factors which contribute to a lack of affordable, non-exploitative care.

In the meantime, the Family Care Office has numerous information sheets on childcare services.

If you haven’t already signed up for Canada Child Tax Benefit, the Universal Child Care Benefit the Tax Credit and the Child Care Expense Deduction, visit for links to this important information.

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