Money Matters

Financial Survival Part IV: Coupons, Birthday Parties on a Budget, and Refunds

We’re getting close to our workshop date and there are lots of tips out there. What are your tips for financial survival? Send the Family Care Office your tips and be entered into a draw for prizes!

The Family Care Office has posted several Student Parent Oral History Interviews. Here are a few tips from these video clips.

Coupon website: “So, you know, you just kinda have to find ways to be really creative with money. There’s a couple good websites that I use like You know, you just google coupons.”

Birthday Parties: “Last year, for my daughter’s birthday party I had 8 kids and I did a birthday party for $150. The decorations I kept to a minimum, we had a sleepover and we rented a movie and we painted nails. With everything, and we paid $150.”

Work study program: “I joined the work-study program this year in September and I would recommend it, for student parents because you can work on campus…it reduces the running around and the busy-ness of your life.”

Return items for the discount: “For their birthdays, I’ll ask for gift cards…A lot of stores have return policies and once things go on sale, I’ll get it and stores have return policies. If you buy something and if it goes further on sale within 30 days, they’ll refund the difference…I got back $55.”

What are your tips? Email us at with your saving tips and your name will be entered for a gift card prize draw! We’ll also share your tips on the Family Care Office Blog and at the Financial Survival Workshop on January 29th.