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New Dads

Next Wednesday we have a fantastic session being offered for new or soon to be fathers. It will discuss how to connect with your baby, the changing relationship with the mother, and life changes for Dad. As the father of a 2 year old, I will gladly tell you that having a baby is indeed a massive change in your life but that many of the changes are overwhelmingly positive! As a dad who is expecting another new addition in the next couple months, I am also excited to see what our speaker, Brian Russell, has to say. Details of the event can be found here. Register and come out for a great session!

I’ve also found this interesting guide to becoming a father, titled ’24 Hr Crib Assistance’ which features boith humerous and incredibly sections like ‘Dad’s Toolkit’, ‘Looking Under the Hood’ and ‘Trouble Shooting’, answering important questions like, “Is the poop supposed to be that color?” and what to do with a crying baby and/or a crying Mom. Check it, print it off and put it in your Daddy diaper bag if you’re about to become a new Dad!