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DIY: Board Games

Although there are classic board games out there that are a favourite of many, like Candyland or Monopoly, why not try making your own custom board game. This is a great project to tackle with your children, or you can do it yourself, and give it to them as a gift. The possibilities are endless, and it provides the opportunity to include personalized features like pictures of your child, educational components, or simply incorporate their favourite colours. Depending on how detailed you want to be, this can prove to be a rather low budget project, while still maintaining a high level of educational entertainment for your child.

There are only a few basic materials that are required to create the basics of a board game. A piece of poster board in a light color can serve as the game board. Two colors of cardstock or poster board are needed to make the cards for the game. Finally, dice and games pieces will be necessary for playing the game, consider using pieces of Lego or dollar store pieces such as animal figurines or race cars. The rest is up to you! Now you can add “Game Designer” to your resume!

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