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The Importance of Art

Art provides children with many opportunities to express themselves. It helps them to use it as a language especially when words are not enough. Children’s drawings are not as meaningless as they seem. Often, they will provide extremely valuable insight regarding strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Plenty of therapists recommend art as a form of therapy to help children open up and to build self-confidence. With that said, I thought I’d share a holiday colouring my nephew recently sent me that will hopefully inspire you and your child to get out the crayons and paper, and start creating.

Colouring by Aidan McNamee, 5 years old, from Fort Erie, Ontario.

There are many organizations across the GTA that offer workshops and classes to help get your little one’s creativity flowing. HelpWeveGotKids has compiled an excellent list of the various art and crafts classes available for children of all ages across Toronto. Check it out here.