The Innovation Hub

IHub Story


We formalize our partner-focused design process through the Design Thinking Experience Program. Besides taking on challenges to improve the student experience, we create a student community of our own: connecting students on our teams with each other and giving them hands-on training in design thinking.


We embrace the university as it is, viewing it as a network of communities and partnering with individual groups and departments. We work on each partner’s unique challenges, to improve student life one corner of campus at a time.

We also write a pilot report reflecting on our first two years and a document describing our mission: What is the Innovation Hub?.


We propose five Big Ideas for UofT, based on the data we collected in our first year. Our teams investigate and prototype the ideas, some of which inspire campus-wide initiatives.

But we also learn that we can’t ignore UofT’s fragmentation into hundreds of departments and offices. Decentralization is how this university works, and innovation must grapple with that.

2016 – 2017

The Innovation Hub launches to explore two questions: Who are our students? How is the world changing for them?

We work with over 100 students, staff, and faculty to probe for answers. Together, we define the Five Domains of Innovation as areas that affect the student experience.