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Our Story

A group of students standing at the head of a table and presenting.In May 2016, the Innovation Hub was launched as a project of the Division of Student Life out of a desire to explore two questions: Who are our students? and How is the world changing for them? We wondered how the answers to these questions might shape the ways in which we design programs, services, and resources to support students throughout their time at UofT, from start to finish. To tackle these questions, we brought together a diverse team of over 100 students, staff, and faculty from across disciplines and departments to work in partnership with each other.


A student engaged in conversation across a table.Since then, the Innovation Hub has transformed from a broad research project into a more refined initiative, partnering with various stakeholders in the university community to help solve specific questions and challenges that they have identified. By applying our user-centric, empathy-driven methodologies and presenting our research findings in relatable formats (such as storytelling and personas), we hope to influence and inform institutional decision-making processes to ensure that they reflect the needs of the students they intend to serve.

If you would like to learn more about our story, check out our comprehensive pilot report, or take a quick look at these blog posts from the early days:


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