Chill Spot at December 8th Exam Jam

A young white woman with short, sandy-brown hair.By Margaryta Ignatenko, Innovation Hub Big Ideas Team Leader

Chill Spots was one of the ideas that emerged from last years Whole Student Development domain’s research. What if we could transform existing, underused spaces at a minimal cost to better meet student needs?

This year, the Innovation Hub has dedicated a team of staff and students to work on the feasibility analysis of Chill Spots, in collaboration with the Innovation Hub’s UX Prototyping team. One of the ways we can measure if this idea could live at UofT is to create a minimal viable product.

We invite all of you to interact with one possible version of Chill Spots at this years Exam Jam, happening Friday, Dec 8th at Sidney Smith Hall from 11am – 3pm. Our Chill Spot will be located in the glass room at the end of the lobby. There will be activities, a place for you to relax, make friends and recharge during this stressful time of year.

There will be lots of other amazing things happening at Exam Jam – free snacks, massage therapy and puppies! To get more information visit HERE.

Cartoon of smiling light bulb with "EXAM JAM" written on it, standing on a book

I look forward to seeing you!

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