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“Talking Walls” to feature Poet in Community on the walls of Hart House

November 24th, 2015 · No Comments

Have you ever participated in a Poet in Community workshop or attended a WRITE NOW session?

Talking Walls at Hart House has invited PIC to have an exhibition of work to showcase the program.

Poems and short pieces of writing will be printed and hung as posters in the halls of Hart House. Will you submit? Deadline December 1, 2015

Details –
*Maximum 3 pieces per person
*Each piece no longer than one page
*12pt font or larger, please send as Word attachment
*Please let us know if it was written in a WRITE NOW workshop or POET IN COMMUNITY workshop (aka with Ronna); if it was in a class setting or somewhere else.
*It would be helpful to include a sentence describing the theme of the session or prompt.
* The aim is to show how within the program students write, reflect and often make unexpected connections between parts of their lives
* You may submit anonymously
* Don’t worry if you don’t have something “finished”; look for an excerpt that reflects the raw experience
* Deadline December 1, 2015
* Open to current and former students
* Please submit to
* Subject line ‘Talking Walls’

Talking Walls is a well-travelled space that provides an opportunity for groups and individuals to exhibit socially conscious, thought-provoking art works or documentary images. The exhibition space is open to students, community groups, members of the university community and the public who are int…

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