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Writing Your Way OUt of A Paper Bag

January 31, 2012 · 1 Comment

The last in the series “Finding your Balance” Is Thursday Feb 2:
                        Writing Your Way Out of A Paper Bag
This session explores where people are stuck, and uses writing as a tool to help unstick them. It includes a talk about blocks, frustrations and the tactics we use to avoid/deal with situations. Participants engage in writing exercises designed to open the experience, let some air in, see what’s there, and perhaps show the possibility of new directions. (This is done in a creative, non-didactic way and doesn’t promise to solve anything. It’s meant to be fun!)

No writing experience necessary.
Hart House
East Common Room

(Writing Your Way Out of A Paper Bag is the mother of all Poet in Community workshops: the first ever invented and most user-friendly. If you’ve been wondering should I go? Come.)

To register go here.
Or just show up.

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