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We Move Together

October 21st, 2011 · No Comments

We Move Together

we move together
an amorphous mass
a buzzing body
breathing in steps
gained with each exam
each building,
each lab
we spill all over campus
cram in lecture halls,
cafeterias, our
bedrooms, we listen
to the same profs
we toil alone
avoid each other’s eyes
trace our steps
sweat the anxiety on tread mills
imagine beautiful shapes
of where we would like to go
not realizing we are there already.

— by Svetlana Lilova, written in “The Courage to Connect”.
For more on this workshop, or to participate, see Workshops.

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Starts Wednesday October 19: The Courage to Connect

October 5th, 2011 · No Comments

The Courage to Connect (or Writing Yourself into the Picture)

What is your picture of the university community? Is it diverse, responsive, friendly? Are you? Do people dare to connect? Do you dare to be really present? What would you do if you were? What would you say? In these three sessions, using poems, images and daring actions, write yourself into the picture of the community you’d like to see.

Each session will build on the last. Come to all for the full effect, or come to any one you can for a hit of connection.

October 19, 26, Nov 2.
Wednesdays Noon-1PM
Hart House

To register, go to the link below. On the left of the screen click “Creative Classes in the Arts” and choose “Creativity Expressed.” Look up the workshop title here. Try it. Register here.

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