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Writing with History

December 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Writing With History: A Creative Writing Workshop at the Centre for Medieval Studies

What: A writing workshop for graduate students working on a medieval topic.

When: 13th January, 10am-11:30am

Working on a medieval topic and interested in forming a bridge between
your creative writing and your academic work? Having difficulties with
the issue of translation – between mind and page, between languages,
between past and present? This workshop, facilitated by poet Ronna
Bloom, will coax you into different kinds of conversation with those
you are studying.

The Poet in Community program offers a ?third space? which is neither
formal, like a classroom, nor casual as a coffee shop. It is a
learning experience that is facilitated but without evaluation. There
is no teacher and no boss. Here it is possible to connect the highly
intellectual with the emotional, and the social; to realize the home
of these sometimes disconnected parts can be found within individuals
and the institution. The aim is to bring you into the room with what
you know in a new way and to find words to express it.

U of T graduate students working on medieval topics in any department
are welcome.

Registration is open to graduate students at U of T working on a Medieval topic.

(If you aren’t a grad student at U of T, but are interested in this workshop, please send me a note and I’ll see about planning another event.)

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