Leadership Library

The Leadership Library is a resource for students to get inspired and learn about leadership. These books are available to borrow from the Student Life Office located at 21 Sussex Avenue. The chosen books within the library revolve around individual leadership, team leadership, leadership educators, mentorship, and information, separated into these categories for your convenience! Take some time to learn about leadership and find the leader within you by visiting our office and checking out these amazing reads!

Individual Leadership

Team Leadership

Leadership Educators




Student and Campus Community Development serves the students and faculty of the University of Toronto in providing resources and programs for student development. Speaker’s List is a compilation of keynote speakers and facilitators and is intended to provide a resource to the many student groups, as well as University of Toronto departments who organize large-scale student and industry conferences.

Please note that Student and Campus Community Development does not endorse any of the speakers listed below. Many of the speakers have been recommended by colleagues, friends, and through the speakers self-promotion.

If you have used one of these speakers and would like to write a review, or you would like to add someone to the list, please be in touch: 

U of T Workshop Facilitators

Keynote Speakers