The Living Leadership blog is a creative avenue for staff and students at the University of Toronto to express, share and LIVE their experiences and knowledge. Hosted by Student and Campus Community Development at the University of Toronto, this blog seeks to deliver content on all things student life.

Our work is focused on having a positive influence on the University of Toronto student experience through intentional programming and initiatives and inspiring others within the University community to do the same. We do this by living our values of growth; community; fun; and equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Growth – We are committed to a continuous process of learning and development.
  • Community – We are stronger when we work and play together. We are better when all members are engaged. We are united by our shared values and enriched by our differences.
  • Fun – We strive to find enjoyment in all that we do. We infuse our work with playfulness and interactivity.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – We are committed to creating a barrier free environment for all, providing the tools and space so people can participate fully, and feel comfortable and safe.

Our goal is to capture and share the rich diversity of experiences at U of T. The student experience comes in different forms and voices. It is our mission to share these voices in a fun and interactive way!

If you would like to contribute to our collection of stories, please fill out the sign up form available here, and our Leadership Development team will be in touch with you soon. We ask that you submit your request 4 weeks prior to the requested dates so we can schedule and customize your blog.