FITF: Meet the Profs!

FITF: Meet the Profs!

WRITTEN BY: Diane Jesalva, New Peer Mentor

A question that many students ask is “why is it important to talk to your professors?


Making personal contact outside of class can also help your professors get to know you as a person!  Professors are one of the most interesting type of people that you’ll ever meet.  They have amassed knowledge in many topics associated with their / your field and in additional areas; they are connected to others in your chosen discipline; and they give advice about different career paths.


Now that you’ve learned why it’s important, how do you practice talking with your professors?


Attend our “First in the Family Fridays” events – this Friday, October 27, 4-6pm., CIE, 33 St. George Street is our annual “Meet the Profs!” event.  You will be able to learn how to, and practice, establishing relationships with professors.  At this event there will be a variety of professors from different departments for you to practice your networking skills with.  Free food and beverages will be provided.  You must register to attend at


Also, join online the First in the Family Peer – Mentor Program at  Register for the program to choose a Mentor, to get extra academic support from a Learning Strategist upon request, and to receive other services, supports and resources.

Diane Jesalva

Diane Jesalva, New Peer Mentor

Talk with Profs! Oct. 27 2017

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