Advice from the Execs of Healing Sounds of Music

WRITTEN BY: David Ngai

  1. Prepare for the unexpected: Events don’t always go as planned so have back-up plans prepared!
  1. Enjoy yourself! Things can always go wrong but still try to make the best of the circumstances. To have the opportunity to put on any musical performance is in itself a privilege! In addition, failures can be a great learning experience especially when you have a positive attitude.
  1. Be aware of other people’s needs. Performances go much more smoothly if you take the time to look around occasionally to see who needs help. At times like these, a few words of encouragement, an extra hand or any small adjustments.
  1. Be a resource to others especially to those who are seeking help and guidance. Making yourself available to support others can help ease stress of others and yourself as well as aid the generation of a tight-knit community within your group.
  1. Be perceptive, flexible and passionate! Everyone is different and may encounter different problems, so don’t be discouraged if things go wrong. Feel passionate about what you’re doing! Only your love for whatever you’re doing will motivate you.
  1. A little humility can be beneficial to everybody. Everybody involved in an initiative plays an integral part in its success, both those in the spotlight as well as those working in the background. Ensure recognition goes to all those who have contributed effort and time. Those working in the background are often taken for granted, so be sure to thank these members as well!
  1. Organization is the best way to show responsibility as a leader. Simple organizational tricks can help you in the long run while balancing school and other commitments. You can even build on organization by adding goal setting and personal project deadlines into your calendar.
  1. Showing initiative as a leader is motivational for the team as a whole. Strong team culture can motivate the team to achieve its goals. It can come in many forms from encouraging informal team meetings, to empowering individual ideas.
  1. Planning is key. Always leave enough time for events or activities so that you are ready when it’s close to the date. Planning ahead of time makes the group more confident and prepared to encounter problems that may happen during the events.
  1. We participate because we share a mutual passion. Although you may have to take certain measures as a leader to ensure things get done and deadlines are met, don’t get carried away. Your members are also your people and your friends; you were brought together not by administration, but by the same desire to help others through music.

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