Five Steps to Organizing a Successful Pub-Night!

Five Steps to Organizing a Successful Pub-Night!

WRITTEN BY: Sandra-Marine Isautier | Silhouettes Dance Company

Photographer: Alex Chan

As a student group, we are always looking for ways to raise money in an effective and realistic way. Pub nights have great potential but there is also a lot of room for error if you are not meticulous in your approach. Here is a step by step guide for organizing a successful pub night:

  1. Pick a date and theme: Depending on the time of year, you lay want to incorporate something that will make people want to attend. Your event should be unique and make people want to interact with your group members. Perhaps consider having a contest or performance to make things interesting and unique.
  1. Find the right venue for you: A lot of clubs spend a lot of money on a venue but you would be surprised to see that some places will offer their space for free. Tequila Jacks, for example, will host your pub night for free and even print your tickets for you. All you have to do is sell your tickets ahead of time (not at the door).
  1. Make a calendar: Once you have a date and a venue, start making a list of tasks that you need to complete including due dates. You’re going to need a Facebook event. Who is going to take care of that? When should thew have it done? You’re going to want a poster. Who can design that?
  1. Sell, sell, sell: Selling tickets is always an issue because people don’t always feel like going to pick them up. Eventbrite and Tilt are a great way to sell tickets so people can have them on their phones. It will also say you or your venue on ticket printing costs!

*A note from Clubs & Leadership Development: If you are planning on hosting a pub night, here are a few resources to help you plan a safe and fun night for all.

  • Attend the ULead Workshop – Planning Events with Alcohol (register here)
  • Email for resources and more information

For more information about the Silhouettes Dance Companycheck out their company website here! The Silhouettes Dance Company is comprised of a group of highly motivated dancers, wishing to continue their training throughout their University careers. The season culminates in a year-end production showcasing members’ original choreographic works. Silhouettes performs at a variety of charity and community events throughout the year on and around the U of T campus.

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