Sihouettes Presents: The Human Condition

Sihouettes Presents: The Human Condition

WRITTEN BY: Jenna Borisevich
Photos By: Joshua Payne Smith 

Silhouettes Dance, a performance based dance company at U of T, is so excited to have just preformed our 13th annual showcase, The Human Condition, at the Betty Oliphant Theatre!

human condition poster

The human condition is defined as the characteristics, key events, and situations that compose the essentials of human existence. Our aim this year is was to capture these experiences, such as birth, growth, sentimentality, aspiration, conflict and mortality, through movement and expression.

We aspired to take the audience members on a journey that explores various aspects of life that come together as a result of who we are and the choices we make. The journeys we take, the love we give, the obstacles we’ve overcome, the quirks and talents that make everyone of us individuals.

The entire company has worked tirelessly all year to make this performance a reality- each choreographer, and dancer offering a piece of their experience to add to the experiences of each audience member. The show featured all kinds of dance including contemporary, lyrical, ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, and tap!

In our eyes, the show was a success, a real glimpse into what makes us human, and we’re already looking forward to next years showcase.

If you’re a dancer and looking to get more involved on campus, look us up @Silhouettes Dance on Facebook, or check out our website at

Photos from this year’s showcase:

human condition 1

human condition 2

human condition 3


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