Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award: Profile #7 – Tiffany Chan

Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award: Profile #7 – Tiffany Chan

Being involved in extra-curricular activities at U of T has definitely enhanced my undergraduate experience. In my first year, I had the opportunity to be a Rotman Commerce student group intern. During my experience, I had the privilege to meet new students, build connections with alumni, and most importantly give back to the community. Being involved in student groups completely changed my first year experience, for the better. It encouraged me to continue working with student organizations in the years to follow, and eventually into more leadership positions in my upper years.

Without a doubt, being a student leader has helped me both personally and professionally. It not only developed my soft skills such as time management, communication, and leadership, but also allowed me the opportunity to discover my passions and interests. Taking on a leadership position in the Rotman Commerce program allowed me to gain a further understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses, which I truly believe will assist me as I enter the workforce and in all my future endeavors.

As students, we are surrounded by a great amount of information on a day-to-day basis. However, it was my experience outside the classroom that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. It gave me a chance to discover where my interests truly laid, all helping me to define my career ambitions. Moreover, being involved gave me the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and alumni whom had significantly influenced my career decision today. Building my own personal network and having the opportunity to share experiences with other students and alumni has unquestionably helped me grow as an individual, both personally and professionally.

The vast opportunities during my undergrad enlightened and enhanced my experience as a student. Without these experiences, my time at U of T would not have been the same, and neither would I.


WRITTEN BY: Tiffany Chan – Rotman Commerce program with a specialization in Accounting and a minor in Economics

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